Every LMS LTI administrator or LMS engineer has daily essential tasks that they perform. Some of these tasks revolve around managing resources, such as, enrolling new staff and students onto specific courses, other tasks are more technical, for example, ensuring all LMS plugins are up to date. Although some of the tasks can be automated, small jobs often take up a lot of time. 

Before we start on the highlight of this article, let’s start from the basic question. 

What is LMS Moodle Health Check? 

Moodle health check is a service delivered by a team of experienced VLE engineers. They will review your Moodle setup and identify weaknesses that could put your security at risk, affect your users' privacy, and prevent you from complying with GDPR. The experts will also ensure that your system is up to date with the latest tools, which will help facilitate and increase the experience for students and administrators.  

To learn more about Overt’s Free Moodle Health Check, click the orange button below. 

Free Moodle lms Health Check

Why consider an LMS Moodle health check? 

There are many scenarios where an LMS Moodle Health Check can add substantial value. Some of the most common examples are when you need to resolve existing/occurring issues or improve upon past successes. Here are some points that determine you need an LMS Moodle health check; 

  • You have new system requirements 
  • You would like to upgrade your LMS Software version
  • You have issues and troubleshooting that needs resolving
  • You feel something's not right with your LMS and you need to know “why”.
  • You would like to re-evaluate processes and existing configuration
  • You would like to know or enable unused functionalities
  • And many more…

What are the benefits of Overt’s Moodle Health Check? 

Just as you need to keep track of what's going on in your business, you also need to monitor the health of your Moodle LMS implementation. Here are the key benefits of Overt’s Moodle Health Check; 

  • You will receive a comprehensive Health check report of your LMS delivered by Overt's VLE Experts to your executive team. 
  • A prioritised list of concerns and resolutions 
  • Improved IT efficiency and productivity 
  • Confidence in your LMS infrastructure when upgrading to the latest Moodle version 

How to apply Overt's Moodle health check to your LMS? 

Are you interested? Don’t worry, you can find the full easy steps by pressing this orange button. 

Why Overt Software Solutions? 

Overt Software Solutions has a wealth of experience in the long-term management of LMS systems. We have worked with many different organisations to optimise their LMS environments and help achieve sustainable results. Here are some reasons why it is best of you to choose Overt’s services:

  • Overt’s VLE experts look at areas of alignment and areas for improvement in your Moodle LMS system configuration to optimise your current solution and address challenges. 
  • Recognise and identify how Moodle LMS functionality helps you achieve your business objectives. 
  • Create a roadmap for the team to prioritise and move forward on addressing recommendations. 
  • Most importantly, we will help you with providing the best long-term solutions to identify the best practices, resources, and investments that will help you optimise your Moodle LMS. 

Let's talk about how Overt Software Solutions can work together with you to ensure that your Moodle LMS infrastructure is ready to address your long-term goals. Sign up for a free Moodle Health Check today or contact us for more information about our services. 


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Happy Eid Mubarak 1445H