July 15

How does Overt’s MFA solution work?

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Video Transcript:

Let's take a quick look at the Overt MFA solution in action. The Overt MFA integrates seamlessly into many applications.

In this demonstration we have integrated with our Shibboleth IdP. With the Shibboleth IdP being protected with Overt MFA, this means that all of your federated resources are automatically secured. You have the ability to customise what applications require MFA or just choose to protect them all. The choice is yours.

I'm going to access our Overt Software demonstration moodle. This moodle is also protected with Shibboleth or SAML, providing single sign on.

First of all, I need to log in using my username and password. This is the first factor of authentification. I can then choose what method I'd like to use to authenticate to the IdP. We support all type of authentication such as hardware tokens, and soft tokens.

In this example, I have a mobile phone I can use, email, or one of the two hardware OTP token that I have set up. I then just need to enter the number that has been generated for me.
And then I click login. After that I'm granted access to the VLE.

Users can easily generate a new token by going to the MFA portal. For example, watch how to setup Google Authenticator on my smartphone. I click smartphone app. And give the token a memorable name.

In this case, I'm going to call this Work Mobile dash Authenticator. On step two, you can see that we provide clear instructions for the user on how to set up the app. I then scan the QR code and click next. I then enter the code that is generated by the authenticator app and click finish. I then have this method set up to use to authenticate to my application.

If you would like to find out more about this affordable, powerful, and innovative solution. Then please contact us by emailing success@overtsoftware.com.


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