Multi Factor Authentication & Self Service Password Reset 

A secure and affordable MFA & SSPR solution that will protect your users accounts and reduce help desk calls.

  • Fully integrated and compatible with Shibboleth IdP
  • OTP, FIDO U2F, Push Authentication and Google + Microsoft Authenticator supported
  • Custom authenticator app with your own branding
  • Reduce help desk calls and staff time with the self service password reset functionality


Our support has been designed with you in mind. We provide you with direct access to dedicated support staff who have many years of experience.


Fantastic unlimited UK 9-5 Mon/Fri support calls via telephone and our online portal (available 24/7) ensure our support services are second to none.

Host Onsite Or In Our State of the Art Cloud

Option one - You can choose to have the MFA & SSPR solution hosted in a state of the art data centre and have the IdP’s hardware completely managed.

Option two - We can install and support the MFA & SSPR solution onsite or on one of the public clouds (such as Azure, AWS, Google etc...).

Secure & Affordable

With staff and students requiring access to an ever growing number of systems and cloud-based applications, users find themselves juggling far too many usernames and passwords.

Wouldn’t it be great if your users only had to remember one set of credentials, giving them one-click access to all the apps they need, from any device, securely?

At the same time for the institution helping to reduce helpdesk calls and costs by simply empowering users to reset and manage their own passwords. Secure your institution with a fresh look at password processes and accountability, all within your Access Management and secure single sign-on environment, with our first class solution.

2 Factor Authentication

Passwords are the most common form of authentication used in the world today. But unfortunately, passwords are one of the least secure forms of authentication commonly forgotten and easily compromised.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to use two different authentication factors to verify their identity. Password based authentication can be augmented with an additional authentication method or even eliminated altogether. A combination of any two of the three authentication types can be used:

  • Something you know (e.g password)
  • Something you have (e.g token)
  • Something you are (e.g fingerprint)

Self-Service Password Reset

Allow end-users to manage their own accounts, without the need for IT help desk support, via end user selfservice. Enable System Administrators to execute bulk operations.

Passwords are everywhere. Every application, website and device requires one. Properly implemented, passwords provide a level of security, but complexity rules, frequently required changes and the number of passwords users must remember is overwhelming. What’s worse, increased password complexity directly correlates to increased helpdesk calls, so many organisations intentionally lower password strength requirements and therefore their security.

Password Reset is a simple, secure and easy-to-deploy password self-service application that helps users reset or re-enable their own network passwords, without having to call the helpdesk.

System administrators can easily customise challenge questions and ensure new passwords adhere to security requirements with as-you-type password strength enforcement. New passwords and unlocked accounts are effective instantly, so users can stay productive with immediate access to their systems and applications.

Self Service Password Reset increases password security without limiting productivity when a user forgets a password.Further, its large dictionary and password history log help enforce strong password rules, preventing common keywords and shared passwords.