August 24

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    Over the past 12 years, Overt software solutions (Overt to our friends) have provided solutions to educational institutions and businesses all over the world. On our 12th Anniversary, Overt would like to commemorate all of the beautiful things that we have achieved with you!   

    Overt Software Solutions was founded in the UK in 2010, we are a technology company that specialises in providing solving problems related to Federated Access Management, Multi-Factor Authentication, Cloud Computing, and Learning Management Systems.  

    From the beginning, we have been committed to providing exceptional service and honest expert advice; priding ourselves on our ability to integrate humanity into all aspects of our technical support services! As a result, we are able to provide customers with a personal experience, and they love it! 

    Testimonials from ANTHONY DICKINSON, NETWORK MANAGER, CARDINAL NEWMAN COLLEGE, "Overt was fantastic in setting up the SAAM bridge and migrating us over to use AZURE AD as an authentication source. The transition was seamless and only took a few hours on the day to switch over with overt doing all the heavy lifting on their side. We would highly recommend Overt software and the SAAM bridge if needing to use Azure AD for shibboleth authentication!" ANTHONY DICKINSON, NETWORK MANAGER, CARDINAL NEWMAN COLLEGE

    Overt Software Solution will continue striving towards our goals of investing in the future of online technology and our staff’s training, helping them to create solutions for further and higher education sectors.

    What our customers are saying

    Customer Testimonial from UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE, "We’re very excited by the prospect of bringing Single Sign On between Shibboleth and Azure authenticated resources such as Office 365 to the University of Dundee. Our users will benefit from one unified familiar Sign in Experience wherever they go first which is a far better experience. This will simplify access to all kinds of resources in one stroke. Our pilot group think it’s fantastic, we’ve had nothing but great feedback. It’s been a great experience working with Overt in setting this up." UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE
    Testimonial from GEANT, "Very intuitive process to install and configure the plugin. The SP -> IDP relationship in SAML is obviously well understood by the team behind ezpz-sp who are very attentive and alert to support requests. We have had a very good experience installing and configuring the plugin and are very happy with the results. Thoroughly recommended!!" GEANT
    Testimonials from ANTHONY DICKINSON, NETWORK MANAGER, CARDINAL We would recommend Overt Software to anybody! They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and deliver first class service on every project we have worked on with them. You are in safe hands when yo uwork with Overt and can relax knowing that any projects are delivered efficiently and with minimal disruption... they make it all seem so easy!" ANTHONY DICKINSON, NETWORK MANAGER, CARDINAL NEWMAN COLLEGE
    Testimonial from IRFAN PATEL, LEARNING TECHNOLOGIST, BLACKBURN COLLEGE "The migratio process was seamless with regular contact and updates provided by their dedicated VLE team, they ensure all aspects of our system was running accurately and were on hand for any questions, which was much needed when we're transferring year's worth of data." IRFAN PATEL, LEARNING TECHNOLOGIST, BLACKBURN COLLEGE

    Top 12 Overt Software content solutions for you

    As today is Overt’s 12th anniversary we thought this would be the perfect time to reflect on our content marketing efforts over the last year. In this special edition blog, we’ll be highlighting 12 of the most popular posts from our blog archive

    1. Become a Human Firewall: 12 Non-Technical Security Tips

    Human Firewall, Non technical security tips

    Whether you’re a network administrator, IT support specialist, or an end user, it’s vital to protect your online presence and avoid getting hacked. Find out how these 12 non-technical security tips can make you a strong human firewall.

    2. 23 ways you can hack MFA Solutions (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    Multi-factor Authentication OvertMFA MFA 2FA solution

    MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) systems are designed to protect users’ accounts from hackers, but there are still vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Learn how to defend against these hacks and more.

    3. Tap into your product’s value with our Customer Success Team

    Customer Success Team, Success Team

    Are you struggling to make the most out of your technical products? Would you like to talk with one of our technical engineers? Our Customer Success Team makes it simple for you to contact the relevant technical expert for any query. Find out how Overt’s Customer Success Team can help you to achieve #YourSuccess.

    4. 5 top tips for integrating Moodle with Microsoft Teams using mConnect

    Check out two experts, Thomas Andre Molvig from Skooler and Connor Giles from Overt Software, who are discussing 5 top tips for integrating Moodle with Microsoft Teams using mConnect.

    5. Implement an effective online learning experience with these 5 tips

    Effective online learning experience, online learning experience, student engagement, online learning

    A student’s learning experience is an integral part of education that helps them to understand and remember what they’ve learnt. Explore these 5 tips and tricks to create an effective learning experience that will give your students the best learning experience they have ever had.

    6. Privacy vs Security: Why Are They Important?

    people holding shield to protect servers containing personal data

    Privacy is often used interchangeably with security, but the two concepts differ. When someone says “privacy”, we’re talking about the act of protecting your personal information from being accessed by others. When someone says “security”, we’re talking about the process of keeping your data safe from unauthorized access. Learn more about the differences between “Privacy” vs “Security” and why they are important.

    7. Digital Security for the Daily Commuter: 9 ways to stay digitally secure on the move

    people commuting to work via train subway

    Even if you have learnt ways of staying safe in the digital world, it is still easy to forget all the digital safety steps when travelling for business. Whether taking a break or commuting to work, staying safe outside your home can be much more difficult. If you are wondering how to keep your devices and personal information safe in public spaces or your private office, this handy guide is just for you. Explore and find out more about Digital Security for the Daily Commuter: 9 ways to stay digitally secure on the move.

    8. Secure your Shibboleth IdP with Granular Access

    Secure Shibboleth with Granular Access Rules

    Granular Access is a feature that allows the system admins to control what users have access to what content. This can prevent your users from seeing anything they shouldn’t be able to see. Check out the full video, read the transcript, and learn how to use the granular access features in the Shibboleth dashboard.

    9. Our 7 Shibboleth Top Tips: What can Shibboleth do for you

    Partnership puzzle vector person business illustration teamwork concept. Piece team cooperation connect jigsaw solution together. Success collaboration strategy work challenge. Office brainstorming

    Shibboleth is a SAML user authentication service for accessing online services. It provides a means for organizations to authenticate their users and provide access to their online services. From businesses to council officers, Shibboleth is used by a massive number of Institutions, Organisations and Individuals around the world. This article provides 7 top tips on how to use the Shibboleth and how it may be helpful for you.

    10.  What is Cyber Essentials Plus and 5 ways it benefits our customers?

    Cyber Essentials Plus Logo

    Cyber Essentials Plus is a set of security standards that are designed to ensure that organisations have the appropriate technical controls in place to protect against the most common cyber security threats. In this blog, you can learn more about Cyber Essentials Plus and how this certification benefits you as a customer!

    11.  SAML vs OAuth—What’s the difference?

    Woman using password to login to her account

    SAML and OAuth are used for similar purposes, but there are differences. Read this article to learn more about the differences between SAML and OAuth.

    12.  Phishing scams: 6 common types and how to avoid them

    Phishing scam hacker baiting a user victim

    Phishing scams are a prevalent way for cybercriminals to steal your personal and financial information. What are the different phishing scams, and how can you avoid them? Here are 6 examples of phishing scams and how to avoid them.

    We support Save the Rhino!

    Save the Rhino is a non-profit organisation that works to save rhinos from extinction. Save the Rhino is dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of rhinos and providing support for those who care about them. Find out more about this fantastic organisation. Join us and help us save the rhinos to ensure rhinos thrive in the future.

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    Some final words from our CEO 

    Overt Software CEO Graham M

    With over 25 years of experience in a variety of Management, development and operational roles in the UK educational sector, I truly believe that it’s Overt’s strong foundations in education that have facilitated our understanding of how the education industry uses the types of services we provide. These core experiences have allowed us to offer a variety of specialised solutions to suit different organisations’ requirements, and have shaped Overt Software’s operations regarding its ethos of exceptional service and honest expert advice. 


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